About me

So this is me, in a tree, with a Jingu! I absolutely love getting fully involved with a decent project. I like to think I have a solid work ethic and I absolutely hate leaving things until last minute, so you can be assured that any project I'm asked to work on will be my top priority!

My educational background was based entirely around Psychology and Sociology until I decided to study Digital Media at Falmouth University. As a result, every element of code and web design that I've learned has been a result of my years at Falmouth.


In 2015, I took part in a course known as Collabology. The Collabology course was an intense, two week team exercise that required us to take part in various team building, idea generation and reflection exercises which ultimately led to constructing a concept that we presented to various companies.

Collabology has provided me with so many design-based and work-based skills as well as multiple opportunities to work effectively within a team. The defining feature of this experience had to be the intense time frame that we had to adhere to. I was privileged enough to experience the utter loss of confidence that Fred Deakin described and found my own way of overcoming it before stepping up to be the organised team leader that our group needed.

The Dream

As a member of this generation, I enjoyed growing up alongside various videogame revolutions. I've been a massive Nintendo fan since the early days of the Nintendo Entertainment System and have enjoyed every console since then. As a result, learning about coding at University has inspired me to hopefully one day create my own videogame that could live up to these standards. In an ideal world, I have to say my dream job would be to work for an incredible games company like Nintendo themselves.