Web Projects

True View TV Aerials Cornwall

True View asked me to take their current branding and create a modern, responsive website that would function on all devices.

M Wherry Drives and Patios

Mike needed a simple website for his business. I created a professional looking site to cater to his business needs.

Harbour Barber On Tour

Mike asked me to create a website for his mobile barber shop business. This was a collaborative project with an illustration student who designed the backgrounds.

Smash Bros Assistant

A self initiated project designed to act as a strategy guide in tournaments.


The adventure dinosaur photographer! Jingu was a collaborative project between Rebecca Lallem and myself to develop a website that would explain all the features of our app idea.

Video Projects

Give Digital Media A Second Chance

A self initiated video project in response to the announcement of our course closure. This was a collaborative project between four students, spearheaded by a common desire to stand up for our course members.


A series of social media targetted videos aimed at raising awareness about certain elements within the #noBlurredLines campaign.

Other Projects

Straight Up Wrestling

A casual podcasting project where a friend and I discuss current events in professional wrestling. This gave me an opportunity to play with some new web features as well as utilise sound recording and editing.

Nutty The Squirrel

A collaborative video game project with Philip Mundy. We created a 2D platform game based around a squirrel trying to retrieve his Graze nuts. If you want to play for yourself, you can play it online here, or you can download the game here.


Chat-up line vending machine. A physical computing, collaborative project in responsive to a brief set by Concept Shed.