Straight Up

Why listen to us?

Every fan deserves a voice

Ryan and James believe that every fan deserves to have their voices heard. Ryan has been watching WWE programming since the mid 90's, while James joined in the early 2000's. We both continue to watch Raw, Smackdown and NXT every week to this very day. Our podcast isn't aimed at telling people what they should or shouldn't do or who they should and shouldn't like; it's about two people giving their opinions on the current product (and the two opinions tend to differ a lot!)

We want everyone to get involved.

This podcast isn't just about our opinions! As we continue to create, we would love to involve our listeners more and more. We want to discuss your opinions and answer your questions! In the future, we also plan to interview local wrestlers and promotions. If you would like to get involved then please follow the instructions in the section below. Thanks for listening!

How to get involved

Tweet us

Getting involved couldn't be easier. All you have to do is send James a tweet at @SlinnWebDev! Shockingly, Ryan finally caught up to modern technology (with a little help) and you can tweet him too at @ryan_latino!

Send us a message

Don't have Twitter? Then fill out the form below with your question or comment and we'll aim to discuss it on the latest podcast!

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